“To be the world leader in manufacturing and marketing of unique garments made of alpaca and vicuna.”

After 20 years of experience in the production of yarns and foreign trade activities, Grupo Inca decided to venture into the manufacture of alpaca fabrics and knitted garments. These activities led to the creation of IncalpacaTPX S.A. in 1996.

Currently, we have five production lines: woven fabrics, knitwear, accessories, outerwear, and home line.


Tumi is the ANDEAN heritage embodied in fine alpaca garments. It emphasizes the use of natural colors in the fiber. Our collections include high-end quality coats, sweaters, accessories, and blankets.

These garments reflect everything we have learned in our years of experience in the industry.


In ANDEAN , we believe in extraordinary moments, inspired in places, customs, and traditions from Peru. In our clothes, which are rich in colors and textures, we merge the virtues of the alpaca with beauty of spontaneity and freedom; always protecting our beautiful planet Earth.

Feel alpaca, feel Peru

Visit: www.andean.com.pe


KUNA, more than a name, is the encounter between two different worlds: The past, through the inspiration in the aesthetic expressions of ancient Andean cultures, and the present, through exclusive designs that combine in a unique and captivating style.

Each garment by Kuna carries the softness of the best fiber, as result of a refined selection of vicuna, guanaco, alpaca and llama.

Feel the hands of the Andes.

Visit: kuna.com.pe

BASC Certification

Certification obtained in February 2005. It promotes safe practices and simplification mechanisms in the supply chain of Peruvian foreign trade, in cooperation with public and private sector authorities and international agencies.

OEA Certification

Certification obtained in January 2017. It verifies the use of an appropriate accounting and logistical records system, financial soundness and an optimal security level.


It assesses the economic, financial, social and environmental performance of organizations. It also values the guidelines implemented to support socially responsible business management.