Our Brands

We are a textile company with more than 25 years of experience, in 1987 we ventured into the retail business.

Opening our first Alpaca 111 store, being the first chain of alpaca products in Peru. Our offer includes luxurious coats, fine alpaca sweaters and high quality alpaca scarves.

Kuna, more than a name, is the encounter between two different worlds: The past, through the inspiration in the aesthetic expressions of ancient Andean cultures, and the present, through exclusive designs that combine in a unique and captivating style.

Each garment by Kuna carries the softness of the best fiber, as result of a refined selection of vicuna, guanaco, alpaca and llama. Feel the hands of the Andes.


In Andean, we believe in extraordinary moments, inspired in places, customs, and traditions from Peru. In our clothes, which are rich in colors and textures, we merge the virtues of the alpaca with beauty of spontaneity and freedom; always protecting our beautiful planet Earth. Feel alpaca, feel Peru.


The finest garments since 1976. Every detail in our textile process guarantees incomparable softness, high resistance and great finesse of our garments and accessories.


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