Unlike other textile manufactures companies we develop annual collection, thanks to the fact that in addition to having a technical support team we also have a design area.

The merge of global trends research and our expertise working with noble fibers give as result our collection, aimed at exceeding the expectations of the most demanding costumers.


"Let your spirit and soul express free"

The concept seek to connects man with nature, and with the essence of this fiber through mixed textures and monochromatic garments.

Each piece of garment is made with 100% undyed yarn as the alpaca is the only animal whose fiber has more than 24 natural colors.

Sporty chic

"Always ready for the unexpected"

The expression of our "new normal", your connection with the world is from your home. Cocooning through comfortable and light garments.


"Timeless dressing"

The purpose of this concept is to recreate and reinvent the classic trend, without losing its essence, using a palette of sober colors in combinable and practical garments.


"Feel the utmost finesse of the alpaca"

The garments of this concept have an incomparable softness and quality, obtained through a special finishing. Qualities such as Royal Alpaca, Baby, among others blends.


We seek maximum use of the natural alpaca fiber, and for this reason we have developed recycled products. In these processes to develop sustainable products: we save energy, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and minimize the amount of waste.

The regular production processes generate a wide range of different waste materials. After the classification, sorting and cleaning these elements are processed into yarns once again, use to make blankets, coats and ruanas.

These efforts are focused on reducing the impact to the environment and developing environmentally friendly garments

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