We are not just only a textile manufacturer company we seek to have a positive impact in our stakeholders.

We have taken on the commitment and responsibility to ensure a fair-trade administration, particular on our workers, our suppliers, our community and, of course, our customers throughout our value chain

Our Workers

We commit to protecting our employees in every aspect of our operations. We guarantee a safe environment for those involved in the production chain, especially our in-house workers:

  • Gender equality: 62% of our employees are women.
  • Special Needs: We have 10 hearing impaired workers, some of whom have been working with us for more than 15 years, to accommodate communication with them. Staff working with them have received sign language courses.
  • Benefits: In addition to job benefits under the law, we have additional programs and services, such as:

Life Insurance

Providing financial assistance when a relative of a worker passes away.


Providing free medical and psychological services within the company to workers and their families.

Consulting and legal services

Providing legal consulting services for labour, criminal, family and civil matters.

Scholarship program for workers and their families

Stimulating the personal growth of workers’ children who demonstrate outstanding academic performance at school.

Pacomarca is a place where we breathe the values we have learned from alpacas. It is also a space where we pay tribute to this animal, seeking to improve quality, and with it, the income that small High Andean producers can generate.

For twenty years, and at more than 4,000 meters above sea-level, Pacomarca has hosted about two thousand alpacas selected and valued as part of an advanced genetic development program. We collect data and improve the fibre to achieve the best quality. With much effort, Pacomarca today has the largest and most complete database of alpacas in the world.

Pacomarca has several ongoing projects such as:


Our efforts are most effective when made in collaboration with partners. This facilitates coming together to share knowledge and experience and allowing groups to progress toward common goals.

Ecological Patrol

We are partners with Ecological Patrol, a non-profit civil association that seeks to develop efforts to try to efficiently combat pollution in the city of Arequipa.


Our investment in social programs in 2019 directly benefited our communities.

At Incalpaca, we believe it is our duty to contribute to the development of society by voluntarily participating in community initiatives to which we can add value under our business activities.

Shipibo and Colca


We monitor environmental parameters as part of compliance with our environmental management commitments. These parameters are set by the Ministry of Production of Peru and audited by the Environmental Control Agency.

Our monitored parameters reflect the following results:


ph level Adequate
Concentrations of fats and oils Adequate
Concentrations of aluminium, arsenic, boron, chromium, copper, magnesium, lead and zinc Below minimum level
Concentrations of cadmium, mercury and nickle Adequate


Carbon Monoxide concentrations Below minimum level
Nitrogen dioxide concentrations Below minimum level
Sulphur Dioxide concentrations Below minimum level
Arsenic concentrations Below minimum level
Lead concentrations Below minimum level

The generation of nitrogen oxide and sulphur emissions from the boilers evaluated does not have a negative impact.


The average equivalent sound pressure values (environmental noise) are below the National Environmental Quality Standard for Noise, established by the Ministry of the Environment.

Our Certificates


2019 Business Creativity Award

Project: Fine Spinning: More than 20 years innovating in the alpaca fashion industry Category: Art and Design Awarded by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences

2018 Business Creativity Award

Project: KUNA Expressions - Wrap yourself in Art Category: Art and Design Awarded by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences

2012 Business Creativity Award

Project: KUNA - Feel the hands of the Andes Category: International Impact Awarded by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences

Latin American Sustainable Luxury Award

Project: Vicuña-Luxury Collection Category: Fashion and Accessories Awarded by the Centre for Sustainable Luxury Studies (Argentina)

EMA Award - Most Admired Companies in Arequipa

Incalpaca TPX Awarded by: PwC y G de Gestión

2019 Good Labour Practices Award

Incalpaca TPX Category: Prevention of Occupational Safety and Health Risks, Sexual and Labour Harassment Awarded by the Peruvian Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion

2015 “Promotion of equal opportunities between men and women, non-discrimination on the basis of creed, disability, economic status, race, sex and equality of vulnerable groups” award - First place

Incalpaca TPX Awarded by the Ministry of Labour and Promotion of Employment, for Good Work

2017 "Promotion and respect for trade union activity, channels of care for workers and their participation in the management of the company" Award - First place

Awarded by the Ministry of Labour and Promotion of Employment, for Good Labour Practices

2001 Business Creativity Award

Project: Golden Ensemble of the Andes Category: (General) Awarded by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences

2015 "Customers First" Award

Incalpaca TPX Category: "Execution of Guarantees,” with the name "Quality Guarantee that transcends borders" Awarded by INDECOPI

2014 “Exporting Success” Award

Incalpaca TPX Awarded by PROMPEX and MINCETUR

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